Provisional Dates for the 2018 Ian Rees club 500 Trophy

March  18th....April  15th....May 13th

June    10th...July    15th....August 19th

September  16th....  October  21st

First heat Start times will be 10:30am all boats must be available for checking by 10am and  We would like all entrants to inform the organisers at least 1 week before the race so paperwork can be printed ready for the race. Thank you.

Race Dates for 2017 Season

March 12th....April 09th....May 14th....June 11th …..July 09th....

August 13th....September 17th....the Oct 15th

Good luck everyone.

The CLUB 500 Trophies for the 2016 were presented to the top 3 contestants.

The pics below show the presentations race members and marshalls. Derek Bool was First with Steve Mattison Second and Reg Crompton third. Congratulations to all and best of luck for the 2017 season

Club 500 line up at the last meeting of the year 2014 

The 2015 Seasons Club 500s Winner Derek Bool receiving the trophy from Brian Henderson. 

There are some changes in the way we score points This year

The points you score are the laps you do, i.e. the first in a race with 10 laps will score 10 points

Cutting corners or buoys mean a deduction of 1/4 lap for each infringement

It would be nice to see a few more members with club 500 boat's there are also a few spare boats, so if you want a go let us know.

Club racing rules

All Entries must be booked in to the Adjudicators 30 minutes before the First race.

First race starts at 10:30am

3 heats per meeting.

1 meeting per month.

Scoring as above.

Time between each heat 15 minutes Max after the recovery of any stranded boats and depending on the weather.

4 minutes per race.

If you miss a buoy 1/4 lap is deducted from total laps, DO NOT GO BACK.(keep going on The Same lap)

If the lake is not clear of non-runner boats and Ducks then the heat will be delayed until the lake is clear.

If you are not on the start line at beginning of a heat, you miss the Start altogether.

Graham Sleight and Michael Bondi are the appointed scrutineers for all boats at each meeting.

All boats must be as standard set up - no modifications are allowed and the boat Number MUST be on top of the cabin and readable from both Sides.

Ian's Club 500 web site is This should take you to the 500 site. 

Club 500 Registered Boat Listing for 2017 Season

Driver                          Boat Name                          Boat No.      Boats Colour

Ian Rees                       Geordie Whippet                    4                 White

Evelyn Rees                  Wicked Lady                          21               Pink

Reg Crompton                                                           7                 Orange

Peter Greer                  Lucky Duck                            88               White

Graham Sleight             Stressed Out                           9                 Blue

Colin Moss                                                                77               Green

Peter Burgess                                                            5                 Green

Ron Asprey                  Allsorts                                   46               Green

John Leech                                                               13               Green

Paul Dymond               The Prof                                  17               Green

Derek Bool                  Grim Reaper                            1                 Green

Roy Pales                    Rob Roy                                   6                 Green

 Steve Mattison           Fairy Dust                                 8

David Coathup                                                           16

The above pic is of the 11 contestants and 2 marshals on Sept 6th 2015.

Club500 at the starting Gate

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