Covid-19 Government Restrictions
From Monday, 29 March.
From Monday, 29 March you will be able to:
• meet in groups of 6 people outside, including in a private garden
• meet in groups of 2 households.
Outdoor sports places will open up again, like tennis or basketball courts, and open-air swimming pools. You should still stay at home as much as you can.

If things go well then from April 12th Parks and Zoos etc. will open.

If things go well then stage 3 starts from Monday 17th May further restrictions are to be lifted.
The above is an extract from the published Government guidelines on the lifting of restrictions.

With these guidelines in operation, it is felt that from March 29th members can sail their model boats at the Lido as long as they keep to the guidelines and do not congregate in groups. The clubhouse will remain closed till April 12th when it will be open for the toilets again BUT members Must wear a mask and use hand sanitizer on entering and leaving.

If there is no change in the Government dates then the clubhouse will open normally when stage 3 starts from the 17th of May.
Members who need to pay their membership fees will be due and should be paid before the end of June 2021. To avoid the penalty re-joining fees.
With the above in mind, anyone interested in the Club 500 racing should let me know as soon as possible so I can see the viability of recommencing and sort out and publish dates as soon as possible.

Bury Model Boat Club  re COVID-19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the

Loss of club facilities the committee

Have decided that we will not be taking

Members subscriptions for 2020. Except for New Members to cover insurance etc.

Members that have already paid their

Fees will have them held over till 2021

(the treasurer has a list of members

that have paid)

We ask ALL MEMBERS to observe the Government guidelines on       hygiene and the 2 metres social distancing at all times either outside or in the clubhouse when using the facilities.

Thank You.

Due to the National Covid-19 Crisis. The Club 500 and other activities are also suspended until further notice. All will be reviewed at the end of October 2020.

Bury Model Boat Club

New Covid 19 Rules.

The Club House

is ONLY open for the TOILETS.

And ONLY 2 People at a time

You MUST wear a Mask to enter and Sanitize your hands before you enter and as you leave.

Please do not congregate in groups of more than 4 people and stay at least 2 to 3 metres apart so



Just received the following if you hear anything please help:-

The following 6 boats were stolen from the home of a member of Blackburn & District Model Boat Club on Thursday night, 8 April 2020. They are all painted and running (built by their 86 year old owner) and sailed regularly.

Billings no. 534 “Boulogne Etaples” fishing boat

Mountfleet “Highlander” puffer 1/24 scale

Billings no. BB588 “African Queen” riverboat

Artisania Latina no. 20403 “Helen” fishing boat named “Olwen”

Panart no. 730 Venice motor boat

Pusher tug built fromModel Boats magazine plan

Also four Planet and one Futaba transmitters

If you are offered any of these, or have any information on their whereabouts, please email the Blackburn Club at or text or ring the Club chairman Chris Taylor on 07952 544970


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